Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Keeps Me Laughing...

These boys....

Just to warn you up front, this might be a post for grandmas or those who know the boys super've been warned.

Some days I get so caught up in the mundane...the laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting....wait... no, not dusting.  That never seems to occupy too much of my time.  But I digress...the mundane.  And I forget to take some time to really enjoy my boys for who they are and the blessings they are to me.  So I thought I'd take a few minutes to record how they've been making me smile these days, and sometimes even laugh out loud (that's lol for all you who learned to read by texting).  Anyway.....

- Their sweet faces and snuggles (mostly the senior one...junior doesn't sit still for long enough).

- The ice skating parties they have in their slippers on our kitchen floor that usually ends with someone bawling because they were bowled over.

- My orthodontic retainers found in the toaster oven.  (Thanks, Micah!)

- To go with that theme...the matchbox cars found inside the cover to our couch cushions or his used milk cups back in the cupboard. 

- These ridiculous hats they got from "da bery nice man at da Bwew Store" (aka Walmart).  Even a few days later I'm hearing from the big boy, "You know, mom, he sure was nice!"  And now they're wondering when we're going to visit the Statue of Liberty.  Think I can dodge this one by going back to visit the Liberty Tax Service guys?

- Micah, seemingly in an effort to be more efficient, trying to feed himself by pushing his food through his belly and directly into his stomach...gotta wonder what's going on in that little head.

- Will freaked out that anyone would eat a cucumber..."Moooom, Larry Boy's a cucumber!" (Currently the favorite super hero of the Schmidt house.)

- How I find half eaten waffles all over the house because the little one steals them and eats them...frozen.

- This scene I happened to walk in on with the suspect nowhere to be found...I have a pretty good guess, though.

- The incredibly detailed descriptions I get of each type of Angry Bird with what they look like and what their special powers are from the eldest...just a testament to this boy's memory.  (Don't worry, he gets no greater than 30 minutes of screen time each day!)

- Micah telling me in his sweet raspy voice that, "I'm oh-kaaay..." after every tumble he other words 30 times a day.

- Even Micah, for reasons completely unbeknown to me, yelling down the stairs while I'm doing the dreaded laundry, "Momma, if you don't wisten, you're gonna get a spankin'!"  I didn't let him see me smile at this one...we had a talk about things you don't say to momma.

Ahhhh, life with two little ones.  Just taking time to stop and smell these roses, because they'll be grown before I know it!

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