Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Man, I can't believe it's here already.  Four years old!  My little boy is growing up so fast - it's almost sickening to think he'll be in kindergarten soon, then grade school, middle school, high school - AAHHHH!!  Okay, let's slow down and live in the moment!  Oh, Will...my first born.  To take a phrase from a friend - "You made me a momma!" 

Such a sweet boy!  I love his energy - the boy never stops!  He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.  He is incredibly strong-willed (not sure where he got that from - ahem!).  This brings me many frustrating moments in parenting, but I hope will bring him successes later in life.  (Now just to figure out how to cultivate this into a positive thing!) 

I love watching him learn how to be a big brother.  He loves Micah so much, but learning how to show that love comes with difficulty!  He was the only one for three years and then all of a sudden there was this little guy demanding attention and now getting into his toys.  Every moment is a learning opportunity!  Even with all the fighting and selfishness and bossing around, there are plenty of sweet moments.  This morning Micah bonked his head (again) and immediately Will was by his side telling him it was okay and giving him hugs. That's enough to melt a momma's heart!  Oh, how I pray they will be friends and one day brothers in Christ!

I love his servant heart.  He gets that from his daddy.  He's always wanting to help around the house and outside - especially outside!  It might be an independence thing, but I'm thinking we can grow this into a heart that wants to serve the Lord. 

I love his silliness!  This one might get him into trouble at school.  He definitely feeds off of people's attention and if he gets a laugh out of someone, you'd better believe he's going to repeat whatever it was that got them chuckling.  Oh, I can just imagine the phone calls from the principal and parent-teacher conferences!  Help me now, Lord!

I love his happiness!  There are moments when I wonder what got his undies in a twist, but for the most part Will is a pretty happy kid.  You can always get a smile out of him.

Oh, yes, Will...you made me a momma.  More specifically, God made me a momma, and he chose to do it with Will.  This has been a crazy four years.  Gregg and I have learned a lot, grown a lot, grieved a lot.  Parenting is NOT what we expected.  It's so much more...and so much harder.  We never realized it was going to be an exercise in personal faith and dependence on God.  It's amazing the things God uses to help us grow closer to him. 

One thing Gregg has said over and over, is that he was never able to even begin to understand Christ's love for us until we had Will.  I reflect on this and how true it is.  Even though the relationship with your spouse should be the closest relationship here on this earth, there is nothing like the love you feel for that child.  The closeness you feel as they are brand new, the joy you feel as you watch them succeed, the heartache you feel when they don't, the grief you feel when they chose to sin.  Being a parent has made me so much more thankful of my heavenly Father and his love for me!

I am so thankful for this little boy and all the joys and challenges he brings Gregg and I each and every day.  I can't wait to see what the next four years, eight years, sixteen years hold for us.  Happy Birthday, Will!  I love you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deer Poop and Other Random Stuff

So, it's been well over a month since I've posted anything...actually didn't think I'd ever get back around to blogging.  But, alas...here I am.  What have I decided to blog about after my long hiatus?  That's right...deer poop...and a whole lot of it.  This comes after me spending more than an hour yesterday picking up deer poop in our back yard.  That's right...more than an hour.  Worst part of it is, I'm only about a fifth of the way done.  Disgusting.  Not only deer poop, but rabbit poop, and fox poop, and whatever random dog roams into our yard poop.  How fair is this?  I don't own a dog, and for very tangible reasons like - I don't like to pick up poop!!  What the heck?!?!?  I guess that's what I get for buying a house in a somewhat rural area. 

Well during my hour of fun, I had plenty of time to think.  At first it started off with practical things...spiritual things...how can I put into practice what I've learned through my Bible study this week?  Then my mind turned more to things related to the task at hand...
1) Man, this is A LOT of poop!   I live on a golf course...do they pay someone to pick all this up off the golf course?  Or do the deer know not to poop there?  Maybe that's their dining area and my yard is their bathroom.
2) I just found the chore the boys are going to hate the most, but the one I'm going to love passing off the most!
3) My thoughts turned to childhood memories like the time we were out Christmas tree hunting and my brother decided to pick up a cow pie.  Then remembering how funny it was when he figured out what it was.  (This was after I hear Will saying, "look, mom, poop!" and to my horror I turn around to see him sitting in poop with some poop in his hand.  Then I freak out like any good mom and make him go inside and wash up.)
4) Will was out there with me the whole time (minus the wash up session) which made me think about how much I love having boys and how much I'm going to LOVE spending the summer outside with them playing in the grass with rocks and bugs (I won't be touching any bugs, mind you). 

Funny how your mind wanders when you let it...  Well, I'm sorry if I've just disappointed (or grossed out) any of my followers (if I have any), but this is my life, people!  Here are some random pics of the boys to make up for the gross factor of this post...enjoy!

 Brothers...so sweet when they wanna be!

 "I love helping daddy with the dishes!"  Yeah, let's just hope this lasts!

 Crazy hair day at preschool...not too happy about it in the morning - he begged me to wash it out, but then...

 Lovin' it at the end of the day...he thought he was the COOLEST!

 Our new found passion...painting!

 Concentrating very hard.

 And then there's Micah...so excited about life.  Every day is an adventure!

Another sweet bro' moment.  Love these boys!